EagleCraft 43 Landing Craft

Each EagleCraft Landing Craft we build is customized with the purpose of its intended owner in mind so that not only does it meet the owner’s personal requirements but goes beyond this in terms of seaworthiness, safety and long term value.

  • 43 Landing Craft - Diesel

Specifications: Diesel Powered

Hull Length Overall: 51′

Beam: 14′

Cabin Interior : 9′ x 10′ Forward leaning cabin

Side Plate: 1/4″

Engines: Your choice of Diesel engines connected to either stern drives, surface drives, jets, or inboard shafts

Hull Plate: 5/16″ 5086 Alloy

Load Capacity: 18,000 lbs, Cargo deck designed to fit 2 full size trucks


The 43′ Landing Craft can carry up to 18,000 lbs or two full size trucks. This our smallest diesel powered landing craft. The 43′ landing craft features a raised wheel house for excellent visibility and maximizes the cargo area. The 43′ Landing Craft is available in a variety of diesel propulsion systems including stern drives, surface drives, jet drives, or shaft inboards. The 43 Landing Craft is Transport Canada Small Commerical Vessel Compliant. Contact us today to discuss a designing and constructing 43′ Landing Craft for your specific use!

Launch Your Landing Craft

Please see the brochure, specifications, base platform features, and popular optional equipment. As custom boat manufacturer we will work with you to construct a vessel to meet your exact needs. Contact us for more information or with any questions.

Learn More about the EagleCraft 43 Landing Craft Available Configurations

Allow us to construct a 43′ Landing Craft to your exact specifications and needs. You design the layout, propulsion, electronics, finishes, colors and more! See the full specification section for more information. Contact us for more details!

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