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Company History

In 1985 EagleCraft was founded by Steve Daigle who was involved in boat building, design, marine and general fabrication in Prince Rupert B.C. since 1976.

In 1985 Steve moved the business from Prince Rupert to Campbell River on Vancouver Island to be closer to what he believed to be a larger market for custom aluminum boat manufacturing, and he wanted to concentrate on just boat construction.

Steve built a welding and separate rigging shop and employed three tradesmen. After three years he outgrew this facility and built a much larger plant with a marine store just north on the Island Highway from the old plant. Over the next 17 years this plant grew and expanded, including moving to a building next door. EagleCraft now employed 20 full time people and was short on space with no room for expansion.

In 2004 EagleCraft built the current plant which is much larger, more efficient, has overhead bridge cranes and new modern equipment. EagleCraft currently employs 34 full time staff consisting of welder/fabricators, mechanic’s/rigging technicians, cabinet makers and finishers, painters, sales people, naval architect, office and support staff.

Our boats and designs have changed and improved over the years. In the 1980’s we were building mainly sport fishing lodge boats, passenger vessels, work boats and patrol boats. In the 1990’s a new market emerged for these well built, proven commercial boats for pleasure use. Customers liked the idea of owning a commercial quality boat that was built and designed for 3,000 hours a year application for decades of use that could run over logs and be beached without damage to the hull or equipment, was of a proven hull, very safe and could be custom designed and built for an intended purpose. Because these boats do not wear out the work boat and passenger vessel “water taxi/crew boat” market could only use so many boats and the timing was right for a transition in using this same well built proven hull for recreational use.

In 2019, EagleCraft transitioned into new ownership. Byron and Sheryl Bolton have brought nearly 30 years of marine experience to the business.

Many of our customers are experienced boaters who have liked certain features offered in different pleasure boats they have seen over the years and would like them brought together in a custom built boat.

What sets EagleCraft apart from the other builders is the Bespoke experience. Customers have the opportunity to work with the naval architect to design a boat with the features and styling they desire. The customer is provided a full set of plans for them and the customer to review and make changes prior to the start of construction. This, along with the detailed, individual itemized list of options and features makes for a successful build with no surprises and a satisfied customer. During the construction of your boat any change order will be quoted on and handled promptly. At any time during construction our customers know what the bottom line price is. Customers are also sent weekly updates with photos.

Our biggest accomplishment to date is having designed and built over 775 boats. If each one of these boats were put in a line bow to stern the line up would be approximately 7.5 miles long.

We encourage people interested in our boats to contact Torry Wannenwetsch directly. He would be happy to arrange a tour of the facility and if possible arrange a sea trial on an EagleCraft boat.

Phone: 1-888-393-6464
E-mail: boats@eaglecraft.com

EagleCraft Construction Standards

They say that Cape Mudge is where God invented waves…

Certainly the waters of northern Vancouver Island have a reputation for being some of the roughest waters on the West Coast. Mountain out flow winds funnel down inlets and channels and when they meet opposing tides they can set up treacherous sea conditions.

It is in these waters that commercial operators of vessels demanded reliable seaworthy vessels to operate year round – ferrying passengers and supplies to remote locations. For over two decades EagleCraft boats have been meeting that demand. With over 775 vessels operating on the coast, the EagleCraft name has earned an enviable reputation for quality construction and reliability. Now – that same heavy-duty quality, design, construction, durability, and reliability is available to the discerning recreational vessel operator in the EagleCraft range of Cruisers.