EagleCraft Construction Standards

Certainly the waters of northern Vancouver Island have a reputation for being some of the roughest waters on the West Coast. Mountain out flow winds funnel down inlets and channels and when they meet opposing tides they can set up treacherous sea conditions.

It is in these waters that commercial operators demanded reliable seaworthy vessels to operate year round – ferrying passengers and supplies to remote locations. 

Our commercial platform is a quality hull that was built and designed for 3,000 hours annually, with the ability to run over logs and beach without damage to the hull or equipment. 

Our aluminum vessels are constructed to take the harshest of weather conditions and be able to stand up in emergency situations. Commercial operators use our vessels for their daily business as Patrol Boats, Water Taxis, Crew Boats, and work boats.

There is no difference in the construction of our rugged commercial hulls and our finely finished pleasure vessels; they both meet all Canadian and U.S. Construction standards.

If you have traveled on the waters around Vancouver Island, you get to appreciate; Seaworthiness, Durability, Dependability, Reliability and Performance of EagleCraft Aluminum Boats.

For nearly three decades EagleCraft boats have been meeting that demand. With over 800 vessels operating on the coast, EagleCraft has earned an enviable reputation for quality construction and reliability. Now – that same heavy-duty quality, design, construction, durability, and reliability is available to the discerning recreational vessel operator in the EagleCraft range of Cruisers.

Image Taken in 1985: This 32.5′ Discovery Launch’s Water Taxi, “Troika” is undergoing sea trial at Cape Mudge, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.

Hull & Engine

Hull Interior

You will see the strength that is built into our hulls. Longitudinal stringers and transverse frames are carefully fitted and welded into place. Nobody builds a stronger hull than EagleCraft.

Hull Exterior

As our hulls take shape we pay special attention to the fairness of the aluminum. Run your eye down the side of any EagleCraft hull and you will see the fair lines that set our boats apart. But this attention to finish is more important than just looking good. It shows that the aluminum has not been stressed during the construction process and that the welded internal components are properly fitted. Daigle Welding & Marine Ltd is fully certified to 47.2 by the Canadian Welding Bureau which ensures engineered plate joints and 100% weld penetration on all components and provides our customer’s with absolute confidence in their boat’s integrity.


We combine customer’s needs and intended used of vessel, such as selecting amounts, capacity and size of fuel, fresh water & holding tanks. Once the selection has been made and tanks are put in place along with wiring & plumbing cableways, hull cavities are painted then filled with high density closed cell foam, offering positive foam flotation providing peace of mind and quieter cabin. Rigging rope pulls are left in the cableways allowing the customer easy access for installation of other equipment in the future.

Engine Compartments

A close examination of our engine compartments will reveal further attention to the smallest details. We invite you to inspect every corner of our boats. You will find that all hoses and wiring are run neatly and supported properly to prevent chafing. Everything is easily accessible so that servicing your engine is a breeze. Fuel, electrical and plumbing systems meets or exceeds Canadian and US construction standards.

Detailing & Lettering

We can have your vessel custom detailed and names done and installed by professionals.

Special Features

Engine Lid

Large soundproof hatches with gas strut assisted lift on engine compartments make for easy access & servicing.

Bulk Head

Soundproof and watertight bulkheads for engine compartments.


Optional acoustic tiles below waterline under cuddy & main cabin means quieter cabin.

Log Skegs

We offer protection for your stern-drives with our log skegs, which reduce the chance of damage to the leg or propellers.


Extensive research and development has gone into our Inboard system producing maximum strength and efficiency.


Simple yet fully functional, our ladders provide the ideal solution for all your in the water activities.

Radar & Masts

We make Radar Arches & Radar Masts for all types of applications.

Transom Gate

Walk-thru Transom Gate to swim grid or Boarding Gate on side of the hull.


Safety in mind, we have excellent Non Skid & railing system for deck.

Finished Interior


Our EagleCraft Coastal Cruisers feature warm and comfortable interiors that reflect the sturdy nature of our craft. Materials are selected for their hard- wearing qualities as much as for looks. This means that your boat’s interior will retain its new appearance after many years of use.

Helm Station

Electronics and instrumentation are carefully integrated into the dash of a Coastal Cruiser within easy reach and view of the helmsman. Seats are fully adjustable – controls close at hand. Our years of building working boats for professional operators who are on the water for long hours, means that you have one of the least tiring and most comfortable helm stations possible.

Multiple Stations

A rear station is available on all our EagleCraft vessel, and full operational command Bridge start on our 28′ and up Coastal Cruiser. Electronics and instrumentation are carefully integrated into these stations within easy reach and view of the helmsman. Seats are fully adjustable – controls close at hand. These details make the most comfortable helm stations possible.

The Galley

Whether you cook from the can or prepare gourmet dishes, our custom galleys are designed to meet the needs of each individual owner. From the simplest galley to one equipped with every modern convenience. The choice is yours with an EagleCraft Coastal Cruiser.

Head & Shower

The choice is yours in heads and showers, with hot and cold running water and even a wash down shower in the cockpit. Toilet compartments like this take up little space and are easy to keep clean. Holding tanks are recommended in all boats with marine heads.

Upgrades & Additions

EagleCraft has over 1200 different options and features available. Plus we are capable of designing and building many more!

Here are just a few examples of the additions and upgrades available:

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