Commercial Boats

Each EagleCraft  commercial vessel is built to your exact specifications  & to meet your mission requirements.  Every aspect of construction is performed “in house” including design. Our durable and seaworthy commercial vessels are designed to be Transport Canada compliant. Below are a few of the recent EagleCraft commercial projects.  Contact us today  for more information on our commercial vessels.


The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the worlds most stunning marine life and wilderness. Charter your business with a custom tour vessel and command bridge.

Water Taxi

EagleCraft is a leading builder of Water Taxi’s having built over 500 vessels ranging from 28’ to 39’. Reliable construction meeting all safety requirements.

Class Patrol Vessel

Naval vessel generally designed for coastal defence, border protection, immigration law-enforcement, search and rescue duties. EagleCraft is an experienced Class Patrol builder and meets all certification requirements.