Testimonial: Dick Gentner


I do feel a sense of sadness and loss selling Tin Boat, but it pleases me that the new owners are old friends of yours.

I feel priviledged to have owned a “Daigle” boat, and to have utilized it extensively. I consider Tin Boat to be one of the finest cruisers of its size manufactured in the Americas, if not the world. there may be others of equal quality and utility, but not likely superior. The whole experience from the time we met you in July 2003 and contracted Tin Boat, down to the present day has been a positive life influencing experience. Thank you, Steve Daigle.

I would be most pleased to read helen’s book. Louise and I have done the Blind Channel thing multible times, but we never explored Loughbough Inlet. I did check the Inlet out on Google Earth recently and noticed there seems to be a large floating facility located in Loughbough with a ship docked along side. Maybe we will check it out some time in the future, eh?

I look forward to Dane and Helen’s whole story next time we get together.



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