Testimonial: Pierce & Lois Clegg


As you are aware Lois and I took possession of our new boat in early May. The sea trials went well, although the weather did not cooperate as well as we hoped.

Gary did a great job of explaining everything and by late afternoon I was in circuit overload. Now we just need time on the boat using the various systems to have it sink in.

Our trip north to Port Hardy to move the boat to its new home went well, we slipped in between to weather fronts and other than some tidal changes up in Johnston straits the water was great. We left the boat in Port Hardy and head back to the U.S. so Lois could keep an appointment with the back surgeon.

Steve, we would like to thank you and your employees for all their professional attitudes during the construction of C-leggs. Like many other owners of Eagle craft boats we did our homework and spoke too many other boat builders as well as owners of other boats. I must honestly tell you in the end it was your employees that closed the deal on our purchase of our boat.

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