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EagleCraft was founded in Campbell River, in 1985, a prime market for custom aluminum boat manufacturing and quickly became recognized as a premium water taxi builder. In the 1980’s we were building mainly sport fishing lodge boats, passenger vessels, work boats and patrol boats. Our proven commercial heritage has allowed us to emerge as a premium custom builder in the recreational segment.

Why Aluminum ?

to the Family

From the moment you share your vision with us, to the launch of your custom vessel, we are with you every step of the way.

Here at EagleCraft, we don’t operate off of serial numbers. We get to know you, the customer, intimately. Our relationship doesn’t end when the boat is delivered. We enjoy relationships with our customers for years to come.

Cheers to a lifetime of memories on the water.

Our Process

EagleCraft is proud to offer a Bespoke Experience. We pride ourselves on incredible customer service. Our small team of talented boat builders strive to make the process informative and seamless from first contact to final delivery.

  • Work with our experienced team to design your ideal  vessel with the features and styling you desire.
  • Receive general arrangement drawings and full list of specifications prior to commencing construction.
  • During construction we keep your bottom line top of mind and provide weekly photo updates as your dream vessel becomes a reality.
  • Take delivery with our experienced staff at completion of your vessel. We will provide factory training on systems and operations of your vessel
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Our Design / Build Standards

Certainly the waters of northern Vancouver Island have a reputation for being some of the roughest waters on the West Coast. Mountain out flow winds funnel down inlets and channels and when they meet opposing tides they can set up treacherous sea conditions.

It is in these waters that commercial operators demanded reliable seaworthy vessels to operate year round – ferrying passengers and supplies to remote locations.

Our commercial platform is a quality hull that was built and designed for 3,000 hours annually, with the ability to run over logs and beach without damage to the hull or equipment.

Our aluminum vessels are constructed to take the harshest of weather conditions and be able to stand up in emergency situations. Commercial operators use our vessels for their daily business as Patrol Boats, Water Taxis, Crew Boats, and work boats.

There is no difference in the construction of our rugged commercial hulls and our finely finished pleasure vessels.

If you have traveled on the waters around Vancouver Island, you get to appreciate; Seaworthiness, Durability, Dependability, Reliability and Performance of EagleCraft Aluminum Boats.

For nearly three decades EagleCraft boats have been meeting that demand. With over 800 vessels operating on the coast, EagleCraft has earned an enviable reputation for quality construction and reliability. Now – that same heavy-duty quality, design, construction, durability, and reliability is available to the discerning recreational vessel operator in the EagleCraft range of Cruisers.

Why Aluminum Boats?

If you have traveled on the waters around Vancouver Island, you may have seen many aluminum vessels going about their business as water taxis, crewboats, and even as inter-island school buses.

Commercial operators have known the benefits of aluminum for a long time. Its outstanding qualities in strength, seaworthiness, durability, ease of maintenance and as a long term sound investment have made it the material of choice for those who earn their living on the water. Now many recreational boaters are also realising the benefits.

  • With over 20 years experience and 800+ vessels built, EagleCraft introduces the new Aluminum Recreational Coastal Cruisers.
  • Our pleasure craft meet all recreational boating needs without compromising on the integrity, durability, strength, or seaworthiness seen in our commercial vessels.
  • Our rugged commercial hulls and finely finished pleasure vessels share the same construction standards.
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather and emergency situations
Discover the Aluminum Advantages

Owner Testimonials

“…we thank you for patience, honesty, and friendship. You provided a quality product, as quoted, and you did it on the time line you said it would be. It has been Lois’s and my privilege to work with you and your staff. We look forward to many years of a continued growing friendship.”

Pierce & Lois Clegg

“I would like to express how much we’ve enjoyed our first year on our new boat. After doing much research I can honestly say that the Eagle Craft 32 Cruiser met all our requirements for a family boat.”

Chris & Rebecca
MV Apres, Whistler BC

“After putting on 98 hours and 1500 miles I am pleased to report that our 34th boat is the Safest and Most Versatile Boat we have ever owned…. and you can quote me on that.”

Murray Johnston

“I keep finding little touches that show the time and craftsmanship of your product. I believe I truly did my home work and found the best of the best to build this type of boat.”

Mike Curtis